Is there any way to detect text in blocks as different paragraphs in iOS?

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Satya posted this 12 September 2014

I tried many OCRs, among them I found Abbyy is the best , but I have a problem. Can we get the text from screen shot which consists of blocks(Lets consider the screen shot of watsapp or skype , show image below) as different paragraphs.I tried it for one image its working fine , but for other images its not working.We need to integrate the OCR in our app , if the trail version works fine we need to buy full version. before that I would like to check the app process.Please give me a solution. alt text

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Satya posted this 16 September 2014

Hi, @Anastasiya Medvedeva, please reply to my question I have been waiting for your answer long time.

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 17 September 2014


you can try to extract text and export it in XML format. This format contains recognized text, with structure and parameters which are described with the help of XML. The "par" tag corresponces to one paragraph of a recognized text. After getting the text from XML you can work with it as you want.

Satya posted this 22 September 2014

Thanks for your reply @Oksana Serdyuk. But its returning the whole page as single paragraph.

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 23 September 2014

I can't reproduce the ussue with single paragraph when processing your two images. I processed them using the following settings: "…/processImage?language=English&profile=documentConversion&exportFormat=xml". My XML results were sent to you by email.

Could you please send us the image file for which the issue can be reproduced and the processing settings you use?