How to recognize the number of cubic meters from images of water meters?

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khietdt posted this 15 September 2014

I am finding an OCR component which can recognize the number of cubic meters from images of water meters. These images can be taken from smart phone devices.

I attach here an example image, please advice me if Aspose OCR can recognize it.

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Anastasiya Medvedeva posted this 15 September 2014

This particular image is low quality, so in case your intend is to get the registration, first of all you need to have good quality images with 300 dpi at least, for comparison this one has 100 dpi only.

khietdt posted this 17 September 2014

I send you two images with higher resolution. I hope they are good quality enough so that you could recognize them. Please reply me when you have the answer.

alt text

alt text

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Anastasiya Medvedeva posted this 19 September 2014

Thank you for provided images! The base version of our technology detect meters registration as picture, i.e. does not recognize it. You see, our technology is adjusted to the work with documents in general: parts of number above and below interfere with the current registration.

But, if you would like, we could discuss with you modification of our technology for meters registration recognition specifically. In case of interest, please inform us (can be sent to about the country of your stay in order that we could appoint the correct person in one of our Offices for the following communication with you.

Thomas F posted this 13 August 2015

We´ve also got issues trying to read out meters. Was there any development on the issue?

Regards& Best wishes from Berlin, Thomas

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 13 August 2015

Hi Thomas,

Please send us ( your images and we will try to give you some recommendations.