Abby OCR SDK Engine iOS sample project error when installing on iPhone5s

  • Last Post 06 November 2014
Jorge Velasco posted this 30 October 2014

After succesfully launching the demo sample on the simulator, I'm trying to install on a real device. Firsty I needed to update the "Architecture" to standard architectures with armv7 and armv7s (so my device can be recognized by XCode) and then set valid SDK to iOS 7.1.

When I try to install the app on the device I received 5 errors with the "Undefined symbols for architecture armv7" message.

Any thought?

Thanks in advance!

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Anna Falevskaya posted this 31 October 2014

Such behavior may occur when trying to use libraries for iPhone simulator on a real device. To run the MSDK-based application on the device you need to use the libAbbyyMsdk.a file from the lib/iPhone distribution subfolder. Please, check that correct lib is referenced by the project.

There is the section Programmer’s Guide → How to..? → Build the Sample for iPhone in XCode in the Mobile SDK Help, where you can also find some hints regarding running our sample in Xcode. We hope this information will be helpful.

If these recommendations don't help, please send a sample project with which we could reproduce the issue to

Jorge Velasco posted this 03 November 2014

Thanks for the info. Finally I could install the sample project following the hints given on the "Build the Sample for iPhone in XCode" but ONLY in an iPhone 4 device. I still can not install on a iPhone 5s device.

So my guess is, is it possible to install and use the Engine SDK on iPhone 5 and later devices?

Thanks for your effort.

Anna Falevskaya posted this 05 November 2014

Yes, it's possible. For further investigation please send the sample project with which we could reproduce the issue, the IOS version and the number of MSDK build to

Jorge Velasco posted this 06 November 2014

Thanks, finally I managed to install the sample project on my iPhone 5s device!