Single quotation marks not correctly reproduced

  • Last Post 24 November 2014
Polyglot posted this 23 November 2014


I use FineReader Pro 5.0 which I've been very happy with for many years. I now have a problem which I can't recall having experienced before, but maybe that's just because I haven't previously been scanning text from a novel with a lot of spoken sentences.

When I scan the opening and closing single quotation marks in a serif typeface, they convert to plain upright marks as if they are in non-serif type. Is this a normal thing, or is it something to do with my setup? My word processor is OpenOffice.

Many thanks, Alec.

Julia Anikushina posted this 24 November 2014

Thank you for your feedback — it is very important for us!

According to Technical Support Policy ABBYY FineReader 5.0  Professional Edition is no longer supported by phone or e-mail. Please, see the List of supported product versions. We apologise for negative answer.

Current version of the application is ABBYY FineReader 12. More information on the application along with the link to download the distributive could be found on the web-page