How can I get InstalltionID for trail version in iOS?

  • Last Post 26 November 2014
image posted this 25 November 2014

Hello Friends,

I have download the trial demo for iOS and when I run this demo its crash due to InstalltionID

So please give me the step how can I get InstalltionID for trail version of this demo.

Thanks in advance.

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 26 November 2014

Installation ID is the return value of the activateNewInstallation method that should be called to activate the installation on a mobile device. You should call the activateNewInstallation method once on each mobile device to get the Installation ID for this device. After your application has been activated on the device, you can use ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK as described in our iPhone OCR Quick Start Guide, but specify the line "<ApplicationID><InstallationID>" instead of ApplicationID.