Service not responding

  • Last Post 04 December 2014
EricN posted this 04 December 2014

The OCR SDK service appears to not be responding. Are you having issues? We have not changed anything on our end. The post occurs properly and the "pages" decrements in our profile, but the respond from the post is blank.

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 04 December 2014

According to our statistics, the service is working fine. We can't detect any problems during this period of time: when you have published your request and till now.

So, could you please specify if the issue is still actual? If yes, please send to the following information:

  1. Your Application ID or the user account name.
  2. The exact time (with a timezone) when the problem is being observed.
  3. What exactly do you do (which URL do you request or which API call do you invoke)? You can send the logs from any HTTP-debugger (for example, Fiddler).
  4. Please describe what exactly doesn’t match your expectation?