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Chrispen Paradza posted this 21 July 2012


What is the minimum megapixels camera needed to get a picture that can be scanned. I also wanted to know how many pixels does the image have to be


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Vasily Panferov posted this 22 July 2012

Actually, megapixels don't matter so much. Images with low resolution (e.g. 1 mpix) can be recognized rather well. Most important here is that camera should have autofocus and image is not blurred.

You might also find tips listed here useful for getting better results.

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MFu posted this 04 April 2013

There are also some more articles on Camera OCR

Image Resolution Detection can be an issue for OCR - but ABBYY SDKs try the best to get it right ;o)

Correct image preprocessing is also very important to get the optimal recognition results

Note: these URLs point to articles written for the ABBYY SDKs (FineReader Engine & FlexiCapture Engine), but the core technology is also used in the Cloud OCR SDK backend.

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