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  • Last Post 19 January 2015
Blooster posted this 08 January 2015

Hi everyone ,

I do not speak English very well, excuse me in advance .

I would like to know if it is possible with the SDK FlexiCapture , realize an application like this:

A robot that can recognize invoices, and if it belongs to no "document definition" , the user will have to create a new "document definition".

1 / Do I develop an application that lets you create a definition with the SDK FlexiCapture ?

2 / FlexiLayout software , is it available for all users?

PS : I really stuck on this notion of recognition and creation of document definition, if you could refer me .

Best regards,

Julia Anikushina posted this 19 January 2015

You can find a detailed instruction how to create Document Definitions in FlexiCapture Engine 10 in the Developer's Help → Guided Tour → Advanced Techniques → Creating Document Definitions.

Also you can create Document Definitions without using special tools like ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio or ABBYY FormDesigner. However this API is not intended for designing comprehensive Document Definitions, in this case you'd better use proper ABBYY tools. For more information please refer to the Developer's Help → Guided Tour → Tutorial → Creating Document Definitions by Training.

As for FlexiLayout Studio please contact your ABBYY sales manager for more information.