Reading Business Cards in Xamarin

  • Last Post 17 March 2015
supreet posted this 16 January 2015

Hi Support, We are trying to write a business card reading app for IOS using Xamarin Forms. I was able to port your windows phone sample to work with Xamarin Forms Windows Phone. from here

This works well but only presents the output in plain text. We need the output in form of contact details. What changes should we make to achieve this?

can you help me with any xamarin business card reader samples you may have?


Oksana Serdyuk posted this 17 March 2015

We are extremely sorry for a long silence.

According to our database your application is actual and we can see that you successfully process images. As we understand the issue is already solved.

In case you may have any other questions, please send them to or use our Online Support Service -