Can the letterSet attribute accept custom graphemes?

  • Last Post 23 March 2015
slicr posted this 26 January 2015

I am wondering if the ability exists for custom graphemes—for example, a backwards '7'— to be recognized, assumably in the letterSet attribute of the processTextField() method.

A sub-question: my understanding is that any existing character set can be used with processTextField(). Does creating my own font solve the above problem?

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 23 March 2015

Sorry for the delay in response.

The letterSet parameter of the processTextField method limits the set of characters of the predefined recognition language. The language alphabet should contain a character that you want to be recognized.

ABBYY Cloud OCR SKD does not provide such functionality to change the language alphabet. However your scenario can be implemented using ABBYY FineReader Engine.