not all text is found

  • Last Post 02 February 2015
rrrr posted this 29 January 2015

I am uploading images of a floor plan. Every room has a room number, some rooms have names.

The output is only returning the room number if there is a name in the same area. Is it ignoring numbers by default? I didn't see an option to enable number recognition whre there is no text.

Lilya Chesnova posted this 02 February 2015

By default the numbers are not ignoring. But if it is rather small text field and it is the only text field in the image, it could be missed. Please try to use profile "textExtraction" - it is suitable for extracting all text from the input images, including small text areas of low quality. The document appearance and structure are ignored, pictures and tables are not detected. Find more information in documentation: Processing Profiles