Unsuccessful processMRZ processing

  • Last Post 06 February 2015
Etki posted this 05 February 2015

I'm implementing basic OCR client on PHP and can't get processMRZ working, i receive empty recognition xml or just couple of lines filled with angle brackets (<). I'm using guzzle and tried to pass file in several ways, including passing as a request body and as a parameter, but i'm just receiving more empty responses. Is there any precise documentation about how i should pass the file to API, which headers are required for correct file acceptance, are there any specific options i should know? I'm passing two quite clean passport scans, i'm sure the image is clean enough, i just think i'm doing something wrong.

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Etki posted this 06 February 2015

I don't understand why, but another similar image went quite smooth. Sending file as POST parameter works fine.

rainerp posted this 17 February 2015

Hi Etki, did you test other methods, e.g. processImage with your images? Do you get proper results for them? Usually processMRZ returns an empty document<document/> if no MRZ has been detected.

Hope this helps