Can abbyy sdk recognize the meter reading data with processField api?

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Russel posted this 11 March 2015

Here is my sample image : alt text


I made a call to processField with parameter settings: that is point to the meter reading. The result is: DBEDBES'

I also try to tune the parameter to extract my type of data with this: language="English",textType="index",markingType="greyBoxes" with placeholdersCount="6", letterSet="0123456789",oneWordPerTextLine="true"; The result is: 088088' and 0030000- etc, which are not my desire output.

Can anyone please guide me about the fact. Can processField api really extract meter data?

My requiremtent is to extract meter reading and meter number at a time from the input image, that's why I have to choose the api(processField). Though Abbyy SDK can recognize meter reading data when I croppped the meter reading part and call to processImage method with textExtracion profile.

I hope, I will get the soonest feedback from ABBYY SDK Developer forum.

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Anna Falevskaya posted this 12 March 2015

Hi Russel,

That's my fault. I suggested you to use the processTextField method and forgot about the fact that this text on the meter is inverted. Unfortunately, there is no option in the Cloud OCR SDK to mark this text as inverted when passing it to the processTextField method, that's why the text wasn't recognized correctly. The inverted text can be recognized only by the processImage method.

I did not manage to get images from the mentioned links, therefore used an image from our previous correspondence for an example.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Russel posted this 12 March 2015

Anna, I understand clearly what you mean to me over the

email. So don't feel regret. You are awesome.

Currently I am working with processField api so that I

can extract meter reading and meter number which is in

the table of the image(I have edited my meter image

link) from a single call.

Can Cloud OCR SDK handle this situation with

processField call(not processTextField call)? I found

it can extract meter number from the table, but not

meter reading(though the call at least try to read

something from that field like DBEDBES' or 088088).

Do you have any idea, how can I achieve my requirement

from a single call or multiple call if I have to, but

from a single input image(one type is in that link)?

Again mentioning that processImage api almost read the

meter reading and processField api perfectly read the

meter number.

Any idea or any way will be a great help for me.

Anyway, the sdk is a great OCR contribution from ABBYY.

Thanks, Russel Chowdhury.

Anna Falevskaya posted this 16 March 2015

Dear Russel,

Thank you for your kind words!

Unfortunately, when using the processFields method, as well as when using the processTextField method, there is no stage of analysis of the document, so the Cloud OCR SDK cannot determine that the text is inverted and does not recognize it. The inverted text can be recognized only by the processImage method.