[Flexilayout][Resolved] Correct recognized value or concatenate fields

  • Last Post 12 March 2015
Guillaume B posted this 11 March 2015


I have a problem with a date formatted like dd.MM.YYYY sometimes the is recognized as dd,MM,YYYY

I saw two solutions :

  • in advanced post search detect comma and then replace commas with dots, I think I find comma with if( not IsNull and Value.Find(",")) but can I replace comma with dots ?

  • I created 3 field day, month and year so I have all date parts, hoping to concatenate those 3 fields in a text block, through Expression, so I tried

    SearchElements.Header.References.Day.Value + "." + SearchElements.Header.References.Month.Value + "." + SearchElements.Header.References.Year.Value

but obviously it's not the way Expressions work since I have "Error: Error in position 0: Unexpected expression type"

(I use a text field to get the date and really need a date formatted with the pattern dd.MM.YYYY)

Thank for your help...

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Julia Anikushina posted this 11 March 2015

In case you have any questions about ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio or about ABBYY FlexiCapture, please send your questions to ABBYY Technical Support. They will be happy to provide detailed instructions. You can find Technical Support Contacts here.

Guillaume B posted this 11 March 2015

I wasn't searching in the right place :

the character replacement is possible in the document definition's editor, in the fields properties it's possible to set automatic correction...and character replacement is available there.

Julia Anikushina posted this 12 March 2015

Do I understand correctly that the issue was resolved? In case it was not please send the detailed description to ABBYY Technical Support. You can find Technical Support Contacts here: http://www.abbyy.com/support/contacts/.

Guillaume B posted this 12 March 2015

It's resolved, I added a resolved tag in title