[Cloud] Height and width xml issue

  • Last Post 18 March 2015
Continia posted this 17 March 2015


I´m having an issue where im sending an pdf which is captured in landscape mode. When the response xml and pdf is returned the pdf is corrected to portrait mode but the xml height and width are given in the original landscape mode. Example height="1234" width="4321" where it should be the opposite when the page is rotated to portrait mode. This results in problems when we need to show something on the page from the given coordinates as these are incorrect according to the returned portrait pdf.

I have enclosed one of the ocr taskids for one of the pdf´s

Taskid: 5f22e1ca-1101-4b18-8af7-258d757faf52

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 18 March 2015

To get the coordinates of the corrected image use the xmlForCorrectedImage export format of the processImage method. This format is the same as xml, but all coordinates written into the output XML file relate to the corrected image, not the original.