RecognizePage FineReader 11

  • Last Post 27 March 2015
Anze posted this 24 March 2015


I have developed my application using FineReder 10 and now I have upgraded to FineReader 11. In FineReader I can't find RecognizePage function. Is there another function which does the same thing as RecognizePage? Where can I find it?

Thank you in advance for your help!


Natalia Karaseva posted this 27 March 2015

Hi, Anze!

In FREngine 11 you could use the methods of the FRDocument and FRPage objects instead, for example, FRDocument::Recognize or FRPage::Recognize.

All information about API changes v.FREngine 10 to v.FREngine 11 is described in the Developer's Help->Specification->Backward Compatibility Issues->Version 10->Engine Object.