Font support

  • Last Post 06 September 2012
shaileshl posted this 06 September 2012

Does OCR on loud process both outline font and general font in PDF?

At present the XML file stream returned by cloud OCR service API does not contain the font information. Is there a way to extract font information using cloud OCR service?

Thanks, - Shailesh

Chudik79 posted this 06 September 2012

Hi Shailesh,

The service is able to process 'general' fonts for sure regardless to source image format.

Outline fonts in general are not recognized without 'user pattern training' process which is not presented in the service.

PDF format itself can contain images or commands to form a face (image). Later case suppose textual information is in PDF file and can be extracted without applying OCR. To some extent this feature is supported in offline OCR SDK, but is not available in the service.

Best regards, Dmitry.