Invoice processing request using OCR to Xml format

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AjijulMondal posted this 08 April 2015

We work with Business card processing using OCR ... its work fine.. but we are working on Invoice processing... and we need these processing data into XML format .. So you have any facility to process a invoice using OCR and response with xml format...

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 08 April 2015

To process invoices in Cloud OCR SDK you can try one of the following ways:

Field-level recognition

This mode should be used if you can specify the exact coordinates of the text fields you want to recognize. The processFields method allows you to recognize several fields in a document. The result of processing is returned in an XML file with the following XSD scheme.

Full-page recognition

This mode should be used if you don’t know the coordinates of text fields you need. In this case you can recognize all the text on a page and extract the information you need on your side. To get the output in the XML format, set exportFormat=xml of the processImage method.

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