Invoice Processing in android using OCR

  • Last Post 10 April 2015
AjijulMondal posted this 10 April 2015

How get settingPath parameter for processField Method.. this is xml file path i know.. but how i set this for my xml recognition setting .. plz give a example.. suppose i hold the xml file into c drive,, then how i define this path into processField method or simply write it into processField method using "".. like "c:/myxml.xml" or when i call processField method like-Task task=resultClient.processField(myTaskId,"c:/myxml.xml"), one more thing processingSetting use for all function like processField,submitButton etc except businesscCard??? you say that when submitImage Call that time i get a taskId but submitImage itself need a taskId as a pararmeter then when i call submitImage method then whats my taskId that time???

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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 10 April 2015

Have you already seen our Android code sample which shows how to use the processFields method?

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 10 April 2015

In your case all the steps are the same as when the processImage method is used:, but instead of line 96

Task task = restClient.processImage(inputFile, processingSettings);


Task task = restClient.submitImage(inputFile, null);
task = restClient.processFields(task.Id, settingsPath);

where settingsPath is path to XML file with recognition settings.

Also we recommend you to reveiw our Cloud OCR SDK Documentation where you can find the description of API methods with all possible parameters.