re-process mrz

  • Last Post 14 April 2015
Rafael Pinto posted this 13 April 2015

Hi there,

I'm using processMRZ method, sometimes I get errors (invalid informations on MRZ - like DOB, Passport Expiry date or something like this).

How can I re-process this image? If a send the same command using curl (php), I get instantly the same errors, seens to be cached, I think the server does not even try to re-recognize the image.

As I could see on billing terms, I can re-process up to 100 images per day. Actually I send about 20 images/day and I'm getting errors on about of 10-15% of them.

Thanks, and hope to hear you soon


Oksana Serdyuk posted this 14 April 2015

Hi Rafael,

If you re-process your images with the same method and recognition settings, you will get the same recognition result. This is a correct and expected behavior of the service. The algorithm of MRZ searching is not changing from one call to another call of the method.

In order to understand what can be the reason of OCR inaccuracy, could you please send some images for which the issue can be reproduced to