How to read digital meter display using OCR

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Katankot posted this 28 April 2015

Find the image (following link) I am trying to read using OCR

And the result I get is as following

$url = ',index';

<document xmlns="" version="1.0" producer="ABBYY FineReader Engine 11" languages="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemalocation=" &lt;a href=" http:="""" finereader_xml="" finereader10-schema-v1.xml"="">">"> <page width="597" height="448" resolution="72" originalcoords="1"> <block blocktype="Text" blockname="" l="16" t="113" r="579" b="138"> <region> <rect l="17" t="113" r="223" b="114"/> <rect l="17" t="114" r="530" b="115"/> <rect l="17" t="115" r="578" b="116"/> <rect l="17" t="116" r="579" b="119"/> <rect l="16" t="119" r="579" b="126"/> <rect l="17" t="126" r="579" b="135"/> <rect l="18" t="135" r="579" b="136"/> <rect l="69" t="136" r="579" b="137"/> <rect l="376" t="137" r="562" b="138"/> </region> <text> <par linespacing="2790"> <line baseline="176" l="17" t="104" r="579" b="145"> <formatting lang="EnglishUnitedStates"> <charparams l="17" t="113" r="34" b="131">P</charparams> <charparams l="33" t="115" r="51" b="131">H</charparams> <charparams l="49" t="115" r="67" b="131">A</charparams> <charparams l="68" t="113" r="84" b="133">S</charparams> <charparams l="84" t="114" r="100" b="132">E</charparams> <charparams l="99" t="114" r="108" b="132"></charparams> <charparams l="106" t="114" r="121" b="132">2</charparams> <charparams l="119" t="114" r="130" b="133"></charparams> <charparams l="129" t="115" r="153" b="133">W</charparams> <charparams l="151" t="115" r="158" b="133">I</charparams> <charparams l="158" t="115" r="177" b="134">R</charparams> <charparams l="176" t="115" r="193" b="134">E</charparams> <charparams l="192" t="115" r="200" b="134"></charparams> <charparams l="198" t="115" r="217" b="133">A</charparams> <charparams l="218" t="114" r="236" b="135">C</charparams> <charparams l="234" t="114" r="245" b="135"></charparams> <charparams l="243" t="115" r="260" b="134">S</charparams> <charparams l="262" t="115" r="277" b="135">T</charparams> <charparams l="274" t="116" r="293" b="135">A</charparams> <charparams l="292" t="115" r="309" b="135">T</charparams> <charparams l="308" t="115" r="315" b="134">I</charparams> <charparams l="315" t="115" r="333" b="136">C</charparams> <charparams l="331" t="116" r="344" b="136"></charparams> <charparams l="342" t="116" r="368" b="135">W</charparams> <charparams l="365" t="116" r="384" b="135">A</charparams> <charparams l="382" t="117" r="401" b="135">T</charparams> <charparams l="398" t="116" r="416" b="135">T</charparams> <charparams l="416" t="116" r="435" b="135">H</charparams> <charparams l="434" t="116" r="457" b="136" suspicious="1">O</charparams> <charparams l="457" t="116" r="476" b="135">U</charparams> <charparams l="477" t="116" r="496" b="135">R</charparams> <charparams l="493" t="117" r="506" b="136"></charparams> <charparams l="504" t="116" r="527" b="136">M</charparams> <charparams l="526" t="117" r="543" b="136">E</charparams> <charparams l="545" t="118" r="561" b="136">T</charparams> <charparams l="561" t="117" r="578" b="136">E</charparams> </formatting> </line> </par> </text> </block> <block blocktype="Picture" blockname="" l="3" t="145" r="595" b="405"> <region> <rect l="10" t="145" r="69" b="146"/> <rect l="10" t="146" r="376" b="147"/> <rect l="10" t="147" r="580" b="148"/> <rect l="10" t="148" r="580" b="153"/> <rect l="10" t="153" r="581" b="157"/> <rect l="10" t="157" r="584" b="170"/> <rect l="9" t="170" r="584" b="176"/> <rect l="9" t="176" r="583" b="188"/> <rect l="10" t="188" r="583" b="192"/> <rect l="11" t="192" r="583" b="199"/> <rect l="11" t="199" r="585" b="204"/> <rect l="10" t="204" r="585" b="216"/> <rect l="10" t="216" r="587" b="221"/> <rect l="9" t="221" r="587" b="227"/> <rect l="9" t="227" r="586" b="239"/> <rect l="10" t="239" r="586" b="246"/> <rect l="10" t="246" r="588" b="250"/> <rect l="10" t="250" r="590" b="263"/> <rect l="4" t="263" r="590" b="272"/> <rect l="3" t="272" r="590" b="275"/> <rect l="3" t="275" r="591" b="278"/> <rect l="3" t="278" r="590" b="286"/> <rect l="4" t="286" r="590" b="292"/> <rect l="4" t="292" 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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 29 April 2015

We have tested your image and sent our result with certain recommendations by e-mail.

To say briefly, we recommend to do image preprocessing for such images and use our text field recognition mode.

Katankot posted this 29 April 2015

Thanks for the response. Did not receive recommendations by e-mail. Can you please resend same ?

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 30 April 2015

Done. Please check your e-mail once again.