Package usable on different tenants?

  • Last Post 28 May 2015
Marco Meijs posted this 26 May 2015


is the package you buy available for multiple tenants or do you need a separate key for each environment.

We enabled the business card scanner on our test tenant for SAP C4C which worked fine on the iphone. We enabled our production tenant with the same credentials but that does not work on the iPhone. In the Lead overview I cannot select the scan option.



Oksana Serdyuk posted this 28 May 2015

You can use your credentials for several tenants simultaneously, but the balance of your application should not be empty.

Could you please check whether you have specified correctly your Application ID and Application Password? I mean that probably the issue occurs because some extra symbols (like space) were copied. You can copy your credentials to the text editor and then to your production tenant.

If the issue still actual, could you describe the issue in more details and specify what error message do you get?