How is the pricing scheme structured?

  • Last Post 29 May 2015
Oscar Ortiz posted this 29 May 2015

I have developed an application using the Cloud Abby SDK, It is a commercial app and I will have a user base initially at 0 and will grow up exponentially.

I will allow each user to call the Abby Cloud service 2 times a month.

So let's say I reach 10 users, that means I will need 20 calls a month to the Abby Cloud SDK with this user base, what pricing is it recommended for me?

Does this mean I need to buy a package of 20 A4 pages a month? Is a photo of a ticket from let's say 7-Eleven considered an A4 page?


Oksana Serdyuk posted this 29 May 2015

Please see the detailed information about the billing terms and the image’s cost estimation here: Billing Terms and Plans and Pricing.

From your description it seems that it is enough to buy Volume Pack S for $9,99 every 90 days.