FlexiCapture extract static text

  • Last Post 17 June 2015
Falconix posted this 02 June 2015

Hi, Is it possible to extract static text (let's say form title) from document in export process? We export several similar documents to common table in database. We want to distinguish from which document data came from.

Beliakova Svetlana posted this 17 June 2015

In order to recognize static text on similar documents you should do the following:

  1. Create Region by using CreateRegion method of Engine object.
  2. Then you can define the rectangle of the place with the static text by using AddRect method of Region object.
  3. Add new block to the collection of the blocks by using created Region, Rectangle and clarify the type of block ( it should be BT_StaticText).

You can find the detailed information in the Developer`s Help.

I understood that you would like to know the information about document from which data came from. Am I right?