I would like to identify meeting rooms from picture...

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Patrice posted this 26 June 2015

... but I did not get the right result from the Demo :-/

English / TextExtraction / Photo

The problem might be the big font SIZE difference between the name (small) and the number (big)... the name is recognized, but not the number :-/

alt text


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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 29 June 2015

I've tested your image. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to recognize the room number also. Even after applying image preprocessing, the recognition result is only the word “Corfu” without the number. Really the difference between these two fonts is very significant. In general, the largest font ABBYY OCR can handle is 5cm or 220pt, but this font is even more.

Patrice posted this 01 July 2015

Thanks for your reply (and your re-testing). Unfortunately, I am afraid it means that I will have to look for another OCR/ICR engine :-/ --Patrice P.S. And, it might not be the right forum to ask for suggestions ;-)

Anyway, I had a great eXperience testing your tool from the "Demo" page.