CaptureData method and templateName param

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danyolgiax posted this 03 July 2015

Looking into Cloud OCR SDK example source I see that it is possible to call CaptureData method:

public Task CaptureData(string filePath, string templateName)
    string url = String.Format("{0}/captureData?template={1}", ServerUrl, templateName);

a templateName is required but how can I define a template?

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 03 July 2015

The fact is that we are considering the possibility to add the Data Capture feature in Cloud OCR SDK in future, and therefore this method has been implemented in the code. But so far this method is for testing purposes only. Its parameters, functionality and availability are not guaranteed in future. At the moment only the mrz template is available for this method (as you can see in our sample). In this case the service will try to find a machine-readable zone from an image, read it, and extract data from it. The result of this method corresponds to the processMRZ method and if you need to extract MRZ from the documents it is better to use the processMRZ method as it is available for production.