OCR SDK Java Error on parsing Process Results

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Alessandro posted this 03 July 2015


I am processing a BalckAndWhite images with SDK in Java. When i parse results Page Layout to find words, words box and confidence i got with some images the following error:

Exception in thread "main" com.abbyy.FREngine.EngineException: Internal program error: /media/frengine/fre11R3.build/svn/Platform/PortLayer/Inc/atlcom.h, 217. at com.abbyy.FREngine.IWord.getText(Native Method) or on GetCharParams(NativeMethod)

Any Advice? I use the following code.

engine = Engine.Load(config.System.ABBY_BIN, config.System.ABBY_SERIAL);
engine.LoadPredefinedProfile( "TextExtraction_Accuracy" ); doc = engine.CreateFRDocument();
doc.AddImageFile(sourceOCR, null, null);
//IDocumentProcessingParams pars = engine.CreateDocumentProcessingParams();
//IPageProcessingParams pagePars = engine.CreatePageProcessingParams(); IRecognizerParams recParams = engine.CreateRecognizerParams(); recParams.SetPredefinedTextLanguage("Italian"); pagePars.setRecognizerParams(recParams); doc.Process(pars);

and the i cycle on

doc.getPages() getLayout().getBlocks(); block.GetAsTextBlock(); text.getParagraphs(); para.getWords()

and son on...

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Natalia Karaseva posted this 05 July 2015


I've tried to reproduce this behavior, and there were no errors in FineReader Engine 11 with Demo-image (Demo.tif). Could you, please, contact technical support and send them the input document, the version of your FREngine distribution package, and the code snippet which will help to reproduce the issue.

Sourav posted this 03 September 2015

Did you receive any resolution , Alessandro?