Need to read the arabic individual statement from the image.

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rakesh3260 posted this 13 July 2015

alt textI need to read the arabic individual statement from the image. How can achieve this using OCR Cloud SDK for iPhone app. Image consists of set of statements , i need to recognize the statement beginning and end point and i should be able to get the text out of each statement. Please find the image with set of statements where i should able to read selected statement.

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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 13 July 2015

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK supports Arabic and it is mentioned in the list of available recognition languages. To be able to recognize documents in Arabic, please set the language parameter of the processImage method or other used method to the Arabic value. For your scenario you can use the full-page recognition (the processImage method) and export recognized text with its coordinates to the XML format. Then it is possible to extract the necessary information between the points on your side using the text coordinates.