Azure ABBY OCR Service purchase error

  • Last Post 20 August 2015
Tibi Craciun posted this 20 August 2015


I'm trying to purchase ABBYY OCR service from Azure marketplace and I'm having this error:

"Offer Variant is not available in user's market."

I was trying with free and paid plan as well with the same error. On Azure I have a PAY-AS-YOU-GO subscription activated.

Thank you for your help.

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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 20 August 2015

Probably the reason of the issue is connected with a temporary server error. Could you please try once again? The fact is that the described issue applies to the Microsoft Azure Store side, so if the issue is still actual, please contact the Azure Store developers and consult with them.

However, we can see from our database, you have already registered another account at directly and created one application. This application has 50 free test pages at the balance and this trial set is valid for 90 days from the registration date. It is more preferable to use our site and this account for your purchasing.

Tibi Craciun posted this 20 August 2015

thank you very much , we do really love your product and we tested it to see if it is matching our requirements, but Azure price structure it is more appropriate for us as it is a monthly subscription, are you offer this as well ?

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 20 August 2015

At the moment we do not have such feature, but we are planning to implement the subscriptions in the nearest future. So far this feature is available only in Microsoft Azure Store.

Tibi Craciun posted this 20 August 2015

then we will try to make it work with Azure, but please let us know when you implement your own monthly subscription