OCR Cloud cut my image

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ivan_kult posted this 30 November 2012

Hello! I have strange problem with recognizing one bill from the shop.

Bill has next format:

n. Article ProductName count price sum

For example:

  1. U238543 Apple 2 0.50 1.00
  2. U423214 Water 1 3 3.00
  3. ...

But the result of recognizing have anover format:

  1. U238543 Apple
  2. U423214 Water
  3. ...

2 0.50 1.00

1 3 3.00

My image has information in one block (6 columns). But OCR recognize it as two blocks (3 columns in each). I think, that OCR Cut image to two blocks and recognize them separately.

How I can solve this problem?

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Dmitry Me posted this 03 December 2012

This is almost impossible to analyze without having the image and the specific settings used for processing. You could mail them to the support mail address which you see on the right once you've logged in at http://cloud.ocrsdk.com

Anastasia Galimova posted this 11 December 2012

Thank you for your letter! We recommend to extract the words with its coordinates using the processTextField method and then process the extracted information on your side.