Read document using document templates

  • Last Post 18 November 2015
spshewale posted this 18 November 2015

I am using abbyy cloud sdk trial version. I want to read document line by line programmatically by applying document template . Now i read document text by cropping text but i want to read document using document template. How should i achieve this? Also I want to highlights some area using this template programmatically.How? How to split documents programmatically? How to achieve delete task method programmatically?

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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 18 November 2015

Please send us ( your images for better understanding your usage scenario?

jackmann17 posted this 19 November 2015

You will have to use OpenXML technology to manipulate the word document and insert dynamic content into the word document. I assume that you are using docx word documents for this purpose. The docx file is actually a zipped file which has many xml files, which inturn can be manipulated using the OpenXML API using c#. In your case, the contents of the word will be in an xml called "document.xml". You will have to read this XML and replace the <> placeholder with your data from database.