LoadFromFolder and SaveToFolder

  • Last Post 10 December 2015
Andres Muñoz posted this 01 December 2015


I want to know how to use FRDocument.SaveToFolder and FRDocument.LoadFromFolder in C#. When I execute FrDocument.LoadFromFolder("D:\ABBYY\") nothing happens. "D:\ABBYY" contains data previously saved from "SaveToFolder" method.


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Beliakova Svetlana posted this 02 December 2015

Hi Andres,

I've just tried to use these methods as they described in our Help and the program is working well. So, could you kindly send a simple project reproducing the issue to SDK_Support@abbyy.com?

Andres Muñoz posted this 10 December 2015

Ok I will try to send an example these days