Using Fuzzy matching in custom autocorrection script

  • Last Post 23 December 2015
Mike Prewecki posted this 21 December 2015

Is there anyway to use the internal FlexiCapture Fuzzy Matching logic in a custom script or assembly?

Something along these lines

if (IsFuzzyMatch(Value.Text, "Something"))
  // Do something...

Note the above is an auto correction script in C# so Value is of type ABBYY.FlexiCapture.IValue

Obviously I could use an external library to see if Value.Text and the constant string fuzzily match but FlexiCapture already provides replacement functionality in it's auto correction options so the functionality does exist in FlexiCapture.

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Beliakova Svetlana posted this 22 December 2015

Hi Mike, If we understand you correctly your question is related to ABBYY desktop product (ABBYY FlexiCapture), but this forum works for ABBYY SDK products only. In order we can forward your question to the support team of your region, please, precise your country. If we understand you incorrectly please explain your situation in more details. Thank you in advance!

Mike Prewecki posted this 23 December 2015

Thanks, I will direct my request to my local provider.