OCR API not accepting amazon s3 url.

  • Last Post 19 May 2016
nextbeeuser2 posted this 13 January 2016


Actually we want to pass amazon s3 url - how will we able to do that. Currently its not accepting that.

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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 14 January 2016

All actual processing methods are suitable for the images that are loaded from the computer directly. We have a method for processing the images that are located on a remote server, it is still in beta-testing. We will send you the information about it by e-mail.

Mint posted this 19 May 2016

hi, does this feature avliabile on the flexicapture engine 11? thanks

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 19 May 2016

By default, in FlexiCapture Engine string references to templates, images, etc. are interpreted as references to files in the file system. However, it is possible to define your own reference resolution mechanism (IReferenceManager) which will resolve references either as a path to a file in the local file system or as the binary representation of the requested object in the form of a stream in memory. For more detailed information please review the Developer’s Help file > Guided Tour > Advanced Techniques > Custom Resolution of References.