Mobile Ocr SDK engine for android: poor accuracy on passport

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stpaul posted this 27 February 2016

Hello! we are using the Mobile ocr sdk android sample application (we just added french language on it) for testing purpose on our national Identity card and it work great. But when we used it with our passport it didn't work, the accuracy is very bad. So we used the passport with the online cloud ocr demo and the result was great. Is there anything can we do to make the demo app work well on our passport? I really want your help on that because we are ready to buy the full license.

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Beliakova Svetlana posted this 29 February 2016


In order to improve the recognition quality in Mobile SDK Engine we recommend using tips from our Knowledge Base.

In addition let us provide you with common requirements for images recognized by MSDK:

  • The image (i.e. the text on the image) has to be in focus.
  • The second relevant requirement is no fisheye lens and trapeze effect on the image.
  • Mobile OCR SDK takes into account the image resolution to calculate physical character size. The text size should be in range of 2-20mm and bigger than 10px (in terms of image pixels).
  • Skew angle of the image shouldn't be too large. Our technologies can correct skew only up to 7 degrees.
  • The image shouldn't have any flash spots. Using of the camera flash isn't actually recommended. It's more preferable to use natural lighting.

In case you have any addition questions please do not hesitate to contact us again! In order we could have a better look at the issue, please send the images you want to process to

stpaul posted this 29 February 2016

Thank you for your answer. I will apply the Knowledge Base and your requirements to see if this will increase the accuracy. In addition i will send the image as you suggested.

stpaul posted this 01 March 2016

Hi! i sent the image to yesterdays. It's still doesn't work good.I applied some of the requirements but the accuracy is still poor.I really need your help.

Beliakova Svetlana posted this 03 March 2016

Hi, I`ve answered to your e-mail.