About Licence barCode processing on Cloud ocr Sdk

  • Last Post 21 December 2012
pTapia posted this 20 December 2012

If i use the cloud ocr sdk on iphone only to process barcode, can i distribut, free or not, application on the appstore. Can i use the free licence ocr sdk for that?

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Andrey Isaev posted this 21 December 2012

According to Plans and Pricing you can recognize for free up to 100 barcodes per day while your application mantains positive balance and is not expired.

It does not say anything about what you do with it and where you publish your applicaiton. So yes, you can publish it on AppStore too. It can be paid or free - does not matter.

However you should rember that if at some point of time usage amount will signifcanly increase, then you excessive processing will be decreasing your balance, and you may need to refill it by purchasing more pages. You will be notified by mail automatically if balance is running low. Also to avoid expiration of account you will have to make at least one purchase per 90 days.