Error in submitImage R-studio

  • Last Post 11 April 2016
jelmerr posted this 11 April 2016

I'm using R-studio to work with Abbyy OCR. Packege info, example.

I try to submit an example Image, download from the example image page on the Abbyy website. The images are stored in a Dropbox folder. I use the command: submitImage.


But I receive an error saying:

Error in submitImage(file__path="C:/Users/Me/Dropbox/Image/Picture_010.tif", : could not find function "upload_file"

The function "upload_file" is missing. Do you have any idea's how this problem can be solved, or how this function can be added?

jelmerr posted this 11 April 2016

Solved. Had an other function defined for submitImage