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Florian posted this 20 April 2016

I am using the DVM_Details mode for my document viewer and was wondering the following two things:

  1. If you right-click the header at runtime, there will be a context menu allowing you to change the columns which are displayed (e.g. remove he error/warning). Is there a way to change the columns which should be displayed via coding?
  2. The Comment column seems useful in order to give the user additional information. Is there a way to add text to this column?

I could not find anything in the documentation about the header nor about altering the view. Is it simply not possible?

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 22 April 2016

Sorry for the delay with response.

  1. You can make some table headers as non-visible for Documentviewer.Mode = DVM_Details only through GUI. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tune it in FREngine API.
  2. You can add the text to this column also through GUI. Please right-click on the selected page from the list and choose the Page Properties menu item in the context menu:

alt text

The Page comment field in VisualComponents does not connected with FREngine API.

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