[Cloud] How to limit the number of pages for processing

  • Last Post 09 August 2016
Harish Haridas posted this 22 April 2016

Hi all, I want to process only few pages of a large pdf how to achieve that.

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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 22 April 2016

You can try to use the processDocument method for your usage scenario. This method allows to process several images using the same settings and obtain recognition result as a multi-page document. You can upload several images to one task using the submitImage method, i.e. you can control the content of your file when you upload the images to the task and upload only those pages that you need to be processed.

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  • Harish Haridas
ScottW posted this 09 August 2016

Thanks, but dont see how that helps as submitImage does not accept a page number as a parameter. I still have to break the pdf into separate images. I will around the problem using another library to break pdfs into pages.

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 09 August 2016

You are right, unfortunately, at first you have to break the source file into separate pages somehow and then you can process the needed pages using submitImage and processDocument methods.

Also you can try our offline SDK product - ABBYY FineReader Engine (https://www.abbyy.com/ocr-sdk/). It allows to operate with separate pages of a multi-page document.