How to set barcodeRecognition in python sample code

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Shinichi_Mimura posted this 11 May 2016


I'm using from python sample code.

"" guides the following steps to enable the barcode detection, but in the "processor created by AbbyyOnlineSdk() needs to be used for passing username/password and I could't find out how to set the value of the profile parameter to barcodeRecognition.

Set the value of the profile parameter to barcodeRecognition. In this case only barcodes will be extracted during document processing. No other information will be read, therefore there is no need to specify the language parameter.

Select a suitable format of output file (the exportFormat parameter). The most suitable can be XML or TXT format. For example, XML output file can look like this:

Can you please let me know how to solve this?


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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 11 May 2016

You just need to add "profile=barcodeRecognition" as a parameter of the processImage method to your request. To do so, change line 48 in the file to

requestUrl = self.ServerUrl + "processImage?profile=barcodeRecognition&" + urlParams

Shinichi_Mimura posted this 12 May 2016

Thank you for your answer. I tried, but just changing line 48 to "requestUrl = self.ServerUrl + "processImage?profile=barcodeRecognition&" + urlParamsv" returned an error "NameError: global name 'urlParamsv' is not defined". So I changed it to "requestUrl = self.ServerUrl + "processImage?profile=barcodeRecognition&" + urlParams"(v removed). However xml returned by the server seems to be corrupted like below;

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Do you have any suggestion?


Oksana Serdyuk posted this 12 May 2016

Yes, you are right, it was my misprint. I have already corrected my previous answer.

As for your recognition result, are you sure that you set the correct export format? I can see your recognition settings from our database, and it seems that you used the docx export format instead of xml. Please check it out.

Also I would recommend you to use any HTTP debugger (for example, Fiddler) to debug your code. It can be very useful during developing and for identifying the issues.

Shinichi_Mimura posted this 17 May 2016

It's solved. Thank you for your quick response!