Error in CustomImageSource

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angusto posted this 17 May 2016


I wrote a CustomImageSource with its FileAdapter and ReadStream (I pass the image directly with a byte array read from database). This is the strage error: - FC processor starts into a while(true) statement - it reads the file (I debugged the ReadStream class and I am sure that it reads) - after reading i have an error on "Sharing Violation" with ErrorType: PET_ImageFileNotFound - FC processor continues the reading into the while(true) once o twice but it doesn't read anything (with debug NO ReadStream or other Classes call) - FC processor finds the file and I can Export the document.

It is a normal behaviour? Why it give me an error, continues "for nothing" and then after all I can do the export? How can I have a reference on witch document is "exportable" if I have a lot of documents and I have to know that is the document it has processed?

Thank you Angelo

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angusto posted this 24 May 2016

Hello, I have seen many views of this post! Doesn't anyone have a solution or an idea or an comprensive documentation? Thanks

Anna Savinova posted this 24 May 2016


Please, provide us with the following information via email 1. Detailed steps sequence, which leads to the problem. 2. At which step do you want to get the "exportable" document name? 3. Project, which illustrates this issue. 4. Document definitions. 5. Document example.

angusto posted this 24 May 2016

Thanks! I think the problem is before the processing beacuse I'm loading a customimagesource and when the processor tries to read the document it has the error. I'll send everything via e-mail. Thanks you in advance!