FlexyCapture Core text quality different from FlexyLayout Studio

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angusto posted this 18 May 2016

Hello, I have a PDF with a table that in FlexyLayout Studio is recognized very well. When i process it with FC sdk the results are not good. For example looking for the same row, in Studio I have all good characters, in SDK I found some non "readable" chars and other chars added.

Thanks Angelo

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Ilya Sukhorukov posted this 19 May 2016

Can you please send to SDK_Support@abbyy.com your *.fcproj project (with all used templates), input PDF files and serial number for further investigations?

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angusto posted this 19 May 2016

Hello I don't fave and .fcproj because i'm not using FlexyCapture "Software" but "Core". I have the FlexyLayout file and the exported afl file to use into FC SDK. Is it ok? I have seend that in the advanced preprocessing propertis on FlexyLayout Studio import that is present the flag on import the images is B/W. Maybe I have to binarize my images before process them with the FC Engine? Thanks

Ilya Sukhorukov posted this 20 May 2016

We have received your email with the PDF and project. Thank you! We have forwarded it to our European Office for further investigation. They will answer you as soon as possible.

angusto posted this 21 May 2016

Perfect. In any case I partially resolved: - first I tryed using an IImageSource and applying an ImageTool to Binarize and Remove Garbage. Result: disaster. - then I found an example (the processor pool for webservice) that loads IImageLoadingParams into processor. With this class and DiscardImageColor = true and RemoveGarbage = true the result was almost perfect (maybe FLS use this parameters and other that are enableb dy default es CorrectSkewByBlackSquares).

So the problem is partially resolved. Now I see: - some numbers (from 1300,00 to 300,00) that are not ok but are ok in FLS) - last column of the table ("Descrizione") that is cutted. This problem is frequent: if I don't have a column after "last" often the column is cutted. Sometimes it cuts only few chars, other half of entire string.