Finereader splitting pages

  • Last Post 31 May 2016
Groucho Barx posted this 28 May 2016

I am converting old 'zines to pdf. The center pages are one image. One set of these center two pages are a comic strip and Finereader splits the page into 2 separate pages.

I would like to have them remain together like a "centerfold".

Is there a way to force Finereader to not split the pages? or is there a way to jpin the pages back together in Finereader?

IvanPopov posted this 31 May 2016

In FineReader there actually is a setting for scenarios like this: go to Tools→Options, select the "Scan/Open" tab and uncheck the "Split facing pages" box in the "Image preprocessing" options block. This option controls whether or not the program should automatically split images that contain facing pages into two images containing a page each.

Please note that these options will apply to all images you recognize, i.e. if you have other double-page scans that you do want to be split, you will have to re-recognize them with the "Split facing pages" option turned on.

For detailed information about this and other preprocessing options, please refer to the Scanning and Opening Options help article.