I want to read handwritten text using OCR/ICR cloud api

  • Last Post 01 June 2016
Anshu Sk Mishra posted this 31 May 2016

Hi , I want to read handwritten text using OCR/ICR cloud api. Can you please tell me how to do that in OCR cloud api?

Also, please tell me if there is any ICR cloud api is available?

Regards, Anshu Mishra

Ilya Sukhorukov posted this 01 June 2016


Our technologies allow to recognize handwritten text only if the characters are written separately (so called "handprinted text"). To recognize the handprinted text you need to set up some certain recognition parameters which tell the Cloud OCR service that the text to be recognized is handprinted. We would like to note that automatic layout analysis is not available for the handprinted text, so the coordinates of the fields that contain the handprinted text must be specified manually. This you will be able to implement using the filed-level recognition (the processTextField and processFields methods). We recommend to review the article with some details in the documentation.

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK doesn’t contain special ICR API. As it was mentioned above handprinted symbols are processed through standard ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK API.