Error registering hotkey

  • Last Post 16 June 2016
Andres Muñoz posted this 11 June 2016


I want to register a command with "CTRL+R" as "short cut" but I get the message "ERR_VC_COMMAND_HOTKEY_ALREADY_EXISTS". This doesn't happend when I use "SHIFT+R".

What can I do in order to use the "CTRL+R" keys?

var hotkeyControl = 2;
var hotKeyReconocerArea = (int)((uint)((byte)((int)Keys.R)) | ((uint)((byte)(hotkeyControl)) << 8));
imgViewer.Commands.RegisterUserCommand(MenuItemEnum.MI_CustomCommand1, "Reconocer área", strTmpImagen, hotKeyReconocerArea);

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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 15 June 2016

The "Ctrl+R" hot key is already registered for the Image Viewer command that recognizes the active page (the MenuItemEnum constant is MI_Read). This hot key cannot be used for another command. Please find the full list of the Image Viewer commands together with its hot keys in the Developer's Help file. Also you can check availability of a hot key using the ICommands::HasHotKey method.

Andres Muñoz posted this 16 June 2016

Thank you, I will use "SHIFT+R" instead