Change DocumentDefinition runtime

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angusto posted this 14 June 2016

Hello, is it possibile to change the document definition on each new document? I would like to create only once the engine and processor Object. Then I would like to add a document definition, process document and after all, change the document definition and read a new document. Between the first definition and the second definition I change a FieldRecognitionParam.

So is it possible to delete and add a new documentdefinition?

Or the only way is to recreate for each file (and document definition changed) a new processor?

Thanks Angelo

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Anna Falevskaya posted this 15 June 2016


It is not possible to remove Document Definitions from the FlexiCaptureProcessor object. If you would like to use another Document Definition for recognition, then you should create a new FlexiCaptureProcessor object.

angusto posted this 15 June 2016

Dear Anna,

thank you really very much! I'm waiting your response for my other question :) Thanks again!