Characters are displayed in 1 column for excel output

  • Last Post 03 October 2013
Brian posted this 28 December 2012

Using this sample image

It seems that when I use excel as output it displayed all characters in one column. Is there anyway to configure to read it line by line and display it by row?

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Brian posted this 02 January 2013

Anyone? You can try test the sample image and set the output as excel.

Andrey Isaev posted this 03 January 2013

Can you also share your result?

Kiran Sabinkar posted this 03 October 2013

I have the same question, After processing the images is there anyway to configure to export the data to excel line by line and display it by row?

Anastasia Galimova posted this 06 November 2013

Normally tables are exported to Excel as several raw and columns. If all the characters are displayed as one column, it means that your text was not recognized as a table with several columns.

Note that the tables could be recognized with the documentConversion profile only.

You can send your image to to let us investigate the issue.