limitations of OCR Fine reader 11

  • Last Post 22 June 2016
nayeemkhan posted this 22 June 2016

Please let me know the limitations of the OCR fine reader 11.

  1. File size ?
  2. File Extensions ?
  3. Total number of pages ?
  4. Processing Time ?

MFu posted this 22 June 2016


here a little more infos to your raised questions:

File size

Image files should not be bigger than 2 GB and a page should not have more than 32.000 x 32.000 pixel.

File Extensions Most image formats and PDFs, all documented - here an overview:

Total number of pages

The total number of pages might be limited by the license (project license, renewable license, CPU core limit with no page count). The pages in one file, e.g. a PDF can be rather high, >1.000 (if you have enough RAM and disk space.

Processing Time ... it depends on what you do, and how much CPU Cores you use - there is no short answer

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Michael F., ABBYY