How to integrate command in my code C#

  • Last Post 22 June 2016
thabet idris posted this 22 June 2016

I have tested with OCR ABBY using sample code C# with sucess , but with the command :

ConsoleTest.exe --asMRZ C:\image.jpg C:\ (the result is file image.xml)

But , i don't find how i integrate this command in my application with C# ? (also in my application C#, what exactly add to it? * all the solution ABBY 'Abbyy.CloudOcrSdk' or just * ConsoleTest and dotNetWrapper solutions what do i exactly? )

Very thanks

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 22 June 2016

First of all, please review our C# Quick Start Guide. The GuiTest project demonstrates how to implement the usage of all available methods, including the processMRZ method (it is the same method as you use in the ConsoleTest project). To test it, set the GuiTest project as a StartUp one in your Visual Studio, run it and then choose the Document with MRZ processing mode in the main application window . The request to the service with the corresponding settings is implemented in the RestServiceClient.cs file, the ProcessMrz method.