Android Application (SMS)

  • Last Post 29 August 2016
Srinivas posted this 25 August 2016

Hi Team,


I'm developing a android based application on Student Information Management System, this contains total 5 modules,in the first module I am developing simple interface.

Module 1 - Input field is Student ID and output should be the student Photo. Through OCR I want to capture the student ID and display the image of the student.

It would be highly appreciated, if someone sends the steps to develop the above requirements, which method do i need to call from android program?

Regards, Srinivas Reddy

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 29 August 2016

First of all, the Cloud OCR SDK service requires authentication before allowing access to its API. According to the database, you have registered your account, but haven't create Application ID yet. After the account registration, you should have received login and password for User Console where you can create your own Application ID. This Application ID (or the name of your application) and Application Password (the password should be sent by email) are required by server for each request.

Then we recommend you to start with reading our quick start guide How to Work with Cloud OCR SDK and see our C# Code Sample. Using this sample, you can try the most processing methods and test them.

Since usually Student ID consists of several characters arranged in specific order, we can recommend you to try the field-level recognition (the processTextField method). Please refer to the linked page for detailed information on the method usage and the How to Recognize Text Fields article for an overview of possible applications. You can see the method implementation and test its work using our C# GUI Sample and selecting the “Field-level” tab.